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Come celebrate with Ahmad Rashad, Saddi Sundiata, Merc. B. Williams, Cocky McFly and PyInfamous this Friday, April 4 at TurnUp Studios.

$5 Entry if you RSVP here | $10 at the door

Once you get in you have free reign at all the water, liquor, food and music, you can consume (while supplies last). Hit the link for everything you need to know!

  • Song Title: Winning ft. Go Phigga
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MT is back at it with a new single of the upcoming project “Candid.” Make sure you give a listen, this is king shit! #KOTN #KingShit

  • Song Title: U.O.E.N.O. (Jackals Mix) - Ahmad Rashad Saddi Sundiata Py Infamous
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U.O.E.N.O. (Jackals Mix) -

3/5 of the Jackson Jackals remix Rocko’s hit. Share the wealth

Ahmad Rashad, Saddi Sundiata and Py Infamous get back together to wreck shit and yeeneenknoit. #Jackals #KOTN #Jafrica